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Philosophy old building - Philosophy loft  
SoHo Philosophy in a loft or living in an old building. Two ideas of dwelling, two architectural concepts, that apparently bar each other. Can these two ideas be joined?

When you think of living in a loft, you imagine – at the extreme – one large room only. Large windows, maybe some pillars and reduced, minimalistic furnishing. You think of bricks, concrete, iron, roofgardens, but in the first place you think of height.

A second, often pursued way of life probably opposes this concept: the 5-rooms flat with aged parquet floor, nice, high windows, brick-plaster facades, white marble, iron, loggias and a panorama of the park. And in this environment, too, you mainly think of the spacious height of the rooms.

But what really is it, that makes these two dwelling concepts incompatible? The analysis of this question produced, that convertibility is the problem, i.e. the possibility of changing, rearranging – at reasonable costs.

For a better understanding of the idea we imagine a dynamic, cosmopolitan, young lady living in her big-city loft. All but one room, living/bathroom, sleeping place separated by a partition screen, the bike leaned at the wall. Then she happens to meet her dream man. He moves in with her – and then? They move out together! Because due to the existing structural and light conditions there is no possibility of dividing the available space adequately. So they purchase an old building flat with harmony of style, large enough for a future with children and a cat. Everything is fine, until the two daughters move out for education, to a place far away.

And now? Since quite some time they are dreaming of an open cooking and living space, somehow like in the old days ... One room less would do, the living room could be larger, maybe with the kitchen integrated.

Finally, you would be able to ... But: no requisite supply shafts, no approval for removing of a load-bearing wall, and all that at comparably enormous costs.

Life could be so easy, if you were able to easily make rooms, to re-partition available space and surface, change the use of rooms, relocate bathrooms and kitchens ... divergencies were solved, decisions made easy, freedom gained. Life phases consistent. Joie de vivre from revolution to evolution.

But how could this be achieved?

  • The requirements: high rooms, much light, free supporting structure.
  • The sufficient preconditions: well-arranged surfaces, variable floorplan, anticipated supply and distribution solutions and an intelligent technical house equipment concept.

SoHo's answer to these challenges is

  • the synthesis of loft and old building
  • extraordinary architecture, working out both feeling and clarity
  • room heights of 3,02 m, 3,20 m and 3,60 m
  • styles from Pure & Simple, Grand SoHo, Westend to Upper Eastside
  • total freedom of design with the style of Unlimited
  • The SoHo architecture is revolutionary. It dissolves the divergencies between extremes with the possiblity of evolution in architecture. It calls on you: "Decide between loft and old building whenever you like. Or simply change your opinion in the future."

    Architecture(SoHo) = Revolution to the power of Evolution